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Where is Bilgi Writing Center?
Kustepe Campus Room K-05

When is it open?
You can visit BWLC Monday to Friday, 09.00-16.30

Is BİLGİ Writing and Learning Center only for Preparatory Students?
No. BWLC is open to all BİLGİStudents who want to improve their writing skills.

Who will help me?
BWLC Coordinator herself and trained peer-tutors from faculties in our school will help you.

Do I need an appointment before coming to the centre?
Yes, appointments are necessary. Please visit BWLC at room K-05 in Kuştepe Campus or send an e-mail to writingcenter@bilgi.edu.tr to get an appointment.

Can I get one-to-one tutorial?
Sure! That is usually the way that we help you.

What do I need to do if I want to arrange a tutorial in advance?
You can contact us via email.

What should I bring when I come to the Writing Centre?
One of your recent essays or any written assignment you have done so far.

Can I come if I don’t have any recent written work?
Sure! In such a case we give you a writing topic to work on.

How do you help me with my writing?
Writing tutors help you see your errors and guide you to write clearly and coherently. They assist you to improve your grammar and show how to edit your writing.

Do you correct my writings?
No. We show you the ways to correct your errors by yourself.

Can I get help for my homework?
Yes, we can help you when you are working on a written assignment or essay.

Can I get help before the exams?
Yes, you can visit BWLC when you need help to improve your performance in essay exams.

Can I also use the writing center if I need help in Reading, Speaking, Listening and Grammar?

Of course. You can make a reservation for Reading, Speaking, Listening and Grammar workshops.

Will my teacher/professor know that I visited BWLC?
The Writing Center does not automatically send this information, but if you would like, we can inform your instructor about your visit.

Are the workshops free?

Can I attend any workshop that I want?
Sure! You can attend any workshop according to your specific need.

Who gives the workshops?
Experienced English instructors from the BİLGİ Preparatory and English for Academic Purposes programs.

Where are the workshops given?
All of them are in Kuştepe Campus.

Is a workshop given only once?
No. Each workshop will be repeated in every 8 weeks’ time throughout the academic term.

What happens if I do not attend the workshop that I made reservation?
If you do not attend two of the workshops that you made reservation for, you will not be allowed to participate any workshop during the term.

How can I find out about new workshops?
Please follow our website for new workshop announcements in 2015-2016 academic year. You can also see the workshop schedule on your student page. For reservation click on.