Greetings from BİLGİ Writing and Learning Center!
BİLGİ Writing and Learning Center (BWLC) is the place where any BİLGİ student can get help and guidance regarding his or her writing. The center is a part of the English Language Programs and its primary aim is to assist BİLGİ students to become autonomous and competent writers, critical thinkers, and individual learners.
İstanbul Bilgi University is an English medium university and as BWLC we are aware of the challenges of writing in English; therefore, our professional instructors and trained peer-tutors are ready to provide our students with assistance at any stage of their writing process. Through one-to- one tutoring we give our students the opportunity to discover and work on their specific individual needs while writing essays,assignments.
The center also organizes Writing, Grammar, Speaking and Reading Workshops with the aim of introducing various key-points and tools which are necessary for their written work.
BWLC is the spot where,
  • You can consult face-to-face with instructors or tutors at any stage of your writing process.
  • You can find the necessary tools to improve your writing.
  • You can attend any workshop according to your specific need.
  • You can discover your needs and find guidance to become a better writer.
  • You can visit Monday to Friday, 09.00-16.30.
As BWLC we believe that learning is a life-long journey and we are here to help you explore more.
Looking forward to meeting you at BWLC ☺
Ebru Yalçın Özden
BWLC Coordinator